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Window Seat Cushioning Options

Feather Cushions

Feather filled seating has an opulent and soft, inviting appearance. All of our feather cushions have a special internal structure to make sure they maintain the right shape. Our feather-filled seating upholstery is filled to a generous ratio per square inch/cm3 to ensure both good support and comfort, whilst our back cushions are deliberately filled a little less to ensure the best in comfort.

All feather upholstery is compliant with current fire regulations. All feather upholstery is complaint with current Crib5 fire regulations.

Feather filling options

White Curled Duck Feather
Our standard natural filling is also our most popular. The curled feather shape makes it suitable for all types of seating and back cushioning as it has strong lofting properties to help the cushion recover after use.

85% Feather &15% Down and 70% Feather & 30% Down
As durable as white curled duck feather; the addition of 15% down increases comfort and softness when in use. By going for the 30% down this gives a feel of opulence and extra comfort as well as loft

70% Feather & 30% Down
With the extra 15% of Down this filling makes a significant step towards a 50/50 mix but mitigates the jump in expenditure. As this mix goes through a longer process when processed more of the feather quill is removed making this a nice softer mix than the 85/15 mix.

51% Down & 49% Feather
The almost 50/50 combination gives superb support to the user, with the greater content of down improving softness and aiding recovery of shape.

100% White Duck Down
The ultimate of natural fillings for warm, luxurious seating. Delightfully comfortable to sit on and with fantastic cushion recovery after use.

High grade seating and back cushion foam

Foam is a comfortable and economic option for the filling of your cushions, and we supply it with a stockinet cover as standard to make fitting covers easy.

We can also apply a white Dacron/polyester wrap where a softer look is required.

Our foam is of the same grade found in all top furniture and meets all relevant fire regulations. We use a giant table top band saw which can even cut a perfect letter S, so even the oddest of angles, shapes and sizes can be catered for.

Foam options

Seating foam:
Very Soft
Back cushion foam:

Hollow-fibre filling

Our 100% virgin white hollow-fibre is not made from reconstituted products. It makes an ideal, comfortable filling for people who are allergic to natural products. All our hollow fibre upholstery cushions have internal structure to make sure they maintain the right shape. All hollow fibre upholstery is complaint with current Crib5 fire regulations.

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