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Window seat machine washable covers

We can also supply fitted made-to-measure covers for cushions and seating, which includes the ability to match existing colours and covers.

Made from 100% machine washable cotton, the fabric we use is of domestic grade upholstery quality and has an attractive weave design for real character. Click here to view the weave design.

Covers are available in 130 different shades with three trim options.

If you send us in a sample of the colour you would like to us match we can easily find the right colour. Alternatively select from either Crown or Dulux emulsion shades and we will find the closet match and should it be between a couple of shades we will send out cuttings for you to make the final selection.

Alternatively we can make up a cover from fabric you supply, please contact us for informations.

Guide to measurements we require for square or rectangular seating

For these types of cushions/seating we only require the following details measurements, in either imperial or metric units.

Seat cushions:
Width x front to back x thickness required

Back cushions:
Width x top to bottom x thickness required

If your cushion has angles for a bay window then give us the overall rectangle size.

Cushions with shapes, curves, cut outs, and angles
For this type of cushioning we require one of the following:
Either an existing cushion cover posted to us, which can be returned with the new products or a newspaper template taped together then cut out to give the required angles/shapes.

Need a quotation?

If you would like a quotation, simply ring us with your measurements or complete the enquiry form on the contacts page, listing the sizes and filling types you require.

Please do not forget to state if you would like a quote for a made to measure cover.

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